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Body Creation approaches piercing and body modification from a completely fresh angle, making it more accessible for everyone.

We have a professionally equipped studio , with a very relaxed atmosphere. We invite you to drop in to discuss your wishes and discover the possibilities regarding piercing and other forms of body modification. Your piercing or modification will be done in complete privacy. It will be performed in accordance with GGD (Dutch public health service) guidelines. For example, all of our equipment is sterilized after each treatment, and all needles are only used once and disposed of after use. We do not use surgical steel, as it can often cause an allergic reaction in the patient. For this reason, Body Creation only works with titanium and 18 karat gold. Once the piercing is inserted, you will be provided with a detailed explanation regarding the aftercare of your chosen treatment, to ensure proper care is taken of your piercing and your body.

The microdermal is a new kind of piercing: A small titanium plate is inserted under the skin, with an internal screw thread mounted on it, allowing you to attach a number of different styles, shapes and colours. Microdermals have a rejection rate of less than 10%.



If you have any questions, or want to replace the piercing, you can always  email us we reply as soon as possible.





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