Tattoo removal

Regret your tattoo?

With our Q-Switched ND Yag Laser we will remove your tattoo without scarring.

It also works for pigmentation and age spots!

How does it work?


The laser energy is directed at the pigment of the tattoo, and short pulses of energy pass harmlessly through the outer layers of the skin, to disturb the pigment and cause it to break apart. After the pigment has been broken apart, some of it physically removed by the body’s natural wound healing process. The rest is harmlessly absorbed by your body and broken down naturally via the body’s immune system.

Pigment spots

The laser penetrates your skin to the pigment cells. The heat energy from the laser makes the brown spots die and simply flake off. The result is a reducing of the brown pigmentation, and although you may feel a small tapping sensation on your skin, it is a virtually painless treatment.

After the treatment, you will usually notice some white discoloration on the skin. This is known as “laser snow” This will disappear about half an hour after the treatment. For a number of days after this, you may experience a redness and swelling of the skin as the body’s natural healing processes are activated.

In the following weeks, regular cleaning and disinfection of the affected area is necessary. During this time the skin may scab. We advise that you do not pick any scabs off, as this may cause scarring. Please do not sunbathe for two weeks before or after the treatment, as doing so could cause further pigmentation.

Side effects

Tattoo and pigment spot removal by laser is a very safe treatment method, however there is always a small risk of side effects: The treated area can stay red for up to 7 days after the treatment. Itching may also occur if you are sensitive to the tattoo ink, as some of the broken down pigment is absorbed by the body. There is also a very small chance of over- or under-pigmentation, especially if the area is exposed to UV radiation. (Sunlight!)

The burning sensation after the treatment is not pleasant, however it means that the treatment is working properly.

Full colour tattoos require 6-10 treatments to be removed, and all black tattoos generally require 4-6 treatments. You must wait 8 weeks between each treatment, to allow your body to excrete the ink particles via scabbing and the immune system.

In almost all cases, the tattoo or pigment spot is completely removed. There are a small number of people who are resistant to this treatment, and therefore we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. We do not refund payment for any unsuccessful treatments.